I feel privileged to visit MWC 2017 (27 Feb 2017 to 02 Mar 2017) and explore people and technology. In this blog, I will draft my Key learning and takeaways

What is MWC

  • The GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) is a composition of the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry and featuring key executives representing mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the globe
  • The Mobile World Congress(MWC) takes place every spring in Fira de Barcelona exhibition centre and brings together some of the world’s most prominent technology companies to showcase their latest innovations
  • The event spanned nine halls and eleven outdoor spaces at Fira de Barcelona. Everything from connected cars, virtual reality, IoT, new handsets and ingenious app ideas, to 3D printing, privacy protection and backend solutions were on display

Key Learnings and Takeaways

  • 5G was one of the centre of attention for the event, as some exhibitors said that potential 5G networks would reduce latency, and consequently massively improve speed of operation (e.g. Autonomous vehicles)
  • In year 2017 it’s clear that 5G is the dominant active trend with service providers announcing their plans for the next generation of cellular wireless data technology to leverage fast connectivity
  • Connected devices and the internet of things (IoT) was a critically massive part of MWC this year – starting from self-driving cars to voice assistants and everything in between
  • Connected and driverless cars are already there, every tech exhibition is showcasing power of connected, autonomous or electric cars
  • MWC 2017 was no different, with cars from manufacturers including Daimler, Ford, Jaguar and Peugeot on showcase
  • IoT technologies are driving a lot of these innovations. The Mobile World Congress clearly highlighted the continued action of IoT devices. Because of this, businesses must adapt to take them into account either on their current product and service lines . Big data and IoT benefit from machine learning
  • The Nokia 3310 is a Nokia-branded mobile phone. It was announced on 26 February 2017 at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, as a remake of the iconic original Nokia 3310
  • AI and ML stream already taken big leap in terms of predictive analytics, bots.  MWC was full of discussion about voice assistants and artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives. Telco giant Telefonica launched its AI Aura product, which users can interface with if they have questions about the network and associated services, allowing users to control how much data and information is shared.

MWC Glimpse

What Next

It was amazing experience to visit MWC 2017. Next year MWC 2018 will be taking place in between 26 February to 1 March, 2018, in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona

I have been doing public speaking in my professional life. In this article I will draft my real experience while doing public speaking

Speech is the best gift to the human society. Being social creates the ability to communicate with the world. It enables us to express our emotions and thoughts, share our ideas and develop new relationships with people for professional and personal success.

Following are the top motivations for public speaking

Improves your presentation skills

  • When you speak consistently, especially in front of an audience, it helps you enhance your presentation skills.
  • Today, professionals are required to give presentations in the form of business strategy. This helps for your business
  • You can only speak well if you are a good researcher, thinker and also a great analyst.
  • You become more detail-oriented.

You will be better listener

  • Listening may be a lost art, but a public speaking forum actually makes you to become a better listener.
  • In the public speaking forum, you’ll hear several different kinds of questions / suggestions / critics about a wide variety of topics from people who may be very different from you.
  • And while the instruction you’ll receive about being an active listener will help you do things like take better decisions, the real benefits of being a better listener are relational.


  • When you are public speaker at forum, you will suddenly find that everyone wants to speak with you.
  • This is of course a brilliant opportunity for making friends, building business.
  • Not only this, but you also get the opportunity to interact with other speakers, some of them may be very challenging to contact.

It helps for developing courage

  • It does takes courage (at least for first) to stand up on the stage and speak in public forum
  • By facing your fear, you can learn to face and overcome even worst situations, becoming courageous person.

You realise you are story teller

  • This is unique benefit I received from public speaking, you will realise that you can engage your audience by story telling
  • The best speakers often utilise story telling as a powerful tool for demonstrating important message. It’s one of the best ways to be recognised

So next time you if you receive public speaking opportunity just do it

In this article I will discuss about World Beyond Email – Speak Ample and Write Less. In our professional and personal life lot of things directly or indirectly boils down to communication

I will explain how you can easily adopt habit of Speaking directly ( through variety of mediums ) rather than long email trails and achieve quick turnaround

What is mean by  World Beyond Email – Speak Ample and Write Less

  • Very simple, we need speak as much as possible and use email for confirmation or agreement or summary
  • This applies to internal or external stakeholders

Why Speak Ample

  • Face to Face communication is highest bandwidth communication
  • We can easily sense body language and gestures to get things done
  • How many times has an email been misunderstood or ignored ? Face to face communication minimize the risk of miscommunication compared to email

Communication Sequence

  • Face to Face
  • If we are doing work in different regions we can have phone call or video call
  • Once we are done with above ways then we can use email for summary only

Hope this helps

This article is very special and indeed very special because I will be going to discuss regarding Travelling in life and its impact on our overall personal and professional life

What is this all about

  • The name of the article is “Travelling – The Fruit of Diversity”. Meaning of Diversity is opposite and flip side which you never experienced or its new
  • Once we travel we enjoy the fruit of diversity in terms of change

Why Travel

  • Traveling provides us the opportunity to disconnect from our regular life and break out of your shell
  • Traveling helps to increases our knowledge and widens our perspective
  • With new experiences increase our resourcefulness
  • Because of travelling you will find new purpose
  • You will appreciate your home even more
  • You will realize how little you actually knew about the world
  • Travelling realizes that it’s extremely easy to make friends
  • Travelling realizes life is a wonderful gift

If you travel more you will come across more Diversity

Diversity brings change and change brings new things

Hope this helps

In this article we will focus on Microsoft Azure VM from novice to professional in terms of creating, operating and how pricing works for Azure VM

If you want to read Microsoft Azure Fundamentals then please refer Part 1 of the article

What is Azure VM ?

  • With Azure Virtual Machines you can deploy a wide range of computing solutions in fast way
  • Deploy a virtual machine super instantly and pay by the minute
  • With support for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM, SAP and Azure BizTalk Services, you can deploy nearly any operating system with support for custom images
  • In short with Azure VM you can spin up the machine with your choice of OS instantly

Why Azure VM ?

  • With Azure VM you can get more control of your machine for custom scenarios
  • We can run Microsoft Enterprise Application with ease of use
  • Also we can scale virtual machine as per our needs from Azure Portal

How Azure VM ?

  • We will create Azure VM from Azure Portal as follows
  • Login to Azure portal and click New button After selection Virtual Machines


  • Once you click on New button then you can two options to create Azure VM, which is “Quick Create” and “From Gallery” as follows
    • Quick Create – We can quickly create virtual machine of respective size and image



  • From Gallery – We can choose from available images for Virtual machine option as follows


  • For now we will create Windows VM as follows


  • If you observe you can see “Tier” for VM, that is proportional to different “Size” of VM and has impact on the pricing of VM
  • We can choose different size of VM as follows ( We can also change the size as per our scenarios afterwards )
  • Please refer following sizes for VM for Standard Tier ( Please take care while selecting size because it has significant impact on pricing )


  • Next we need to set VM Configuration as follows
    • Cloud service is a container for one or more virtual machines you create. You can create a cloud service for a single virtual machine, or you can load balance multiple virtual machines by placing them in the same cloud service
    • Cloud service act as domain for VM
    • Make sure you select appropriate region VM ( This also has impact on pricing )
    • By default endpoints configured for Remote Desktop


  • If you want to configure additional VM options then you can do the same as follows


  • After that new VM creation process done, then it will create Cloud Service and Storage Account as follows


  • We are done with Azure VM creattion, to connect click on Connect as follows, this will download RDP file
    • You need to use credentials which you have used while creating Azure VM


We have created new Azuer VM with few easy steps

Following points we need to consider

  • Cloud Services act as containers for web role, worker role and virtual machine instances
  • For VM perspective, cloud services are referred to as domains now
  • Single VM cannot be a part of 2 different cloud services, however multiple VMs can be a part of a single cloud service
  • Once you delete all the VMs in a cloud service, the cloud service still exists and needs to be deleted exclusively in case you want to reuse the name

Hope this helps

This will be multi part series for Loud with Cloud regarding Microsoft Azure

In this article we will discuss traits about Microsoft Azure Service which will help to take better decisions in terms of adopting Microsoft Azure for Enterprise

  • We will primarily focus on What is Microsoft Azure in this article
  • Prime objective is to provide pointers regarding Azure

What ?

  • Microsoft Azure can be defined as a cloud computing platform and infrastructure for creating, deploying and maintaining applications and services through Microsoft managed Datacenters. It provides services like PaaS, SaaS, IaaS and support different programming languages, tools, frameworks including Microsoft and third-party software and systems for development.
  • Lets visualize different Cloud Models as follows

Cloud Model

  • In the traditional On Premises model where the entire infrastructure is located on-premises, you have full responsibility for managing updates to operating systems, applications, network devices (routers, switches, etc.) and hardware (firmware).
  • In an IaaS scenario, you still have to manage updates for operating systems and applications; however, the entire infrastructure, operating systems and applications is managed by Microsoft. In all these models, customers are still owners of their data and are still responsible for protecting it at the end point level.
  • In a PaaS scenario, you will have even less responsibility for software updates, as update management for the operating system is Microsoft’s responsibility.
  • In a SaaS scenario, the responsibility for software updates for the entire stack is managed by Microsoft.

Azure Services

  • Currently Azure provides following services


So we have discussed What are different pointers for Microsoft Azuer

Reference :

In next article we will discuss each service in details with use cases

Hope this helps


  • In this article I will focus on fundamentals of Node.js platform
  • I will describe how to prepare development environment for Node.js
  • Also I will explain What is Node.js, Why Node.js and How to start with Node.js

What is Node.js ?

  • Node.js platform is built on top of Chromes Javascript runtime for easily building fast and scalable network applications using JavaScript at server side
  • Node.js is fast because its written in C language
  • It uses non-blocking event driven model with callbacks that makes it lightweight and efficient
  • Ideal for data intensive services across distributed environment
  • Following are the important pointers in Node.js
    • Events
    • Async I/O
    • Streams
    • npm
    • TCP/UDP
    • Single-Threaded
    • Cluster
  • We mainly leverage JavaScript language for client side programming in Web development; However with Node.js we can develop Server side applications with JavaScript language
  • Very important Node.js is not web framework
  • Also Node.js is not for Multi threaded applications
  • Reference :

Why Node.js ?

  • Node.js uses JavaScript as programming language so we can use existing JavaScript skills; This helps to accommodate learning curve
  • With Node.js we can write non blocking code which is ideal for data intensive tasks
  • We will get nice support from Node.js community

How Node.js ?

  • I will consider configuration of Node.js on Windows machine
  • Please browse website to download latest Node.js binaries as follows


  • Once downloaded you need to run wizard based setup to install Node.js as follows


  • Please check if Node.js installation is done please refer following steps
    • Open command prompt as follows


  • After that enter command “node” as follows then you should get console for Node.js; this means Node.js installation is done

Node 01

  •  I will also show how to check console.log to check installation of Node.js as follows

Node 02


Difference between Blocking code ( Synchronous code ) and Non-Blocking Code (Asynchronous code )

  • Its important to interpret difference between Blocking code and Non-Blocking Code to leverage Node.js
  • Please refer following example to demonstrate  Blocking code and Non-Blocking Code
    • Blocking Code
      • Read file from filesystem
      • Process and save to database
      • Next steps
    • Non-Blocking Code
      • Read file from filesystem
        • whenever process done then save to database
      • Next steps
    • Diffrence is very easy to interpret that Blocking Code means serial execution and Non-Blocking Code means parallel execution

Node.js Hello world application

  • We can use any text editor to create Node.js Hello world application
  • I have written simple http request and response Hello world application as follows


  • Code is self explanatory with comments
  • Please run Command prompt to execute above code and enter the Node.js file path as followsNodeTest
  • Now open url http://localhost:8080 in your borwser you will see following output

Node Output


I this article we have discussed what is Node.js with Hello world example

Hope this helps


  • Today I have to troubleshoot application hosted at Azure Web App
  • I am receiving error “Internal server error” for the functionality which we are testing
  • For Azure Web App we have less control as we don’t get Remote desktop for the same
  • So we will see how to troubleshoot Azure Web App with Kudu


  • In manage azure portal please open your Azure Web App >> Then go to Configure Section as follow

  • We need to set application diagnostics and site diagnostics settings as follows
  • Please make sure you set Detailed error message as follows

  • After that save the settings
  • Now we have to analyse the logs for that purpose we need to use Kudu which is analysis and troubleshooting tools for Azure Web Apps
  • Kudu is useful to capture and review memory dumps, deployment logs and detailed error message
  • To use Kudu we need to browse following Web App
  • To access your KUDU console, using your DEPLOYMENT credentials, then browse to we will see following Web App


  • In above you can review lot of logs for your application however to diagnose the issues we need to go to Tools >> Diagnostic dump
  • This will provide you the zip file
  • From the zip file browse the LogFiles >> DetailedErrors to review and troubleshoot errors
  • If you don’t have manage azure credentials then you can also review log from your FTP folder in logs folder

Hope this helps


  • Recently we have implemented functionality to export PDF from ASP.Net Web Application
  • We don’t want to render report in Report Viewer we only want to export PDF
  • When we deployed the application on Azure VM ( IaaS ) then everything was working fine
  • However when we have published the application on Azure Web App ( PaaS ) we are getting exceptions and issues
  • Please refer following code for reference ( which we have used to export PDF )

//list testReportModel
List<TestReportModel> testReportModel = GetReportData();

//get report bytes
Byte[] reportBytes = Common.GetReportByte(“~/Report/TestReport.rdlc”, testReportModel, “dsTestReport”, “PDF”);

//instantiate memory steram
MemoryStream reportStream = new MemoryStream(reportBytes);
reportStream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);

Response.Buffer = true;
Response.ContentType = “application/pdf”;
Response.AddHeader(“content-disposition”, “attachment; filename=TestReport.pdf”);
Response.Flush(); // send it to the client to download


  • Please verify that following report viewer dll assemblies has copy local true in your solution explorer as follows

  • In your deployment package in bin folder please make sure you have following dll assemblies

  • If you want to use ReportViewer control then there is no support to render in Azure Web App then you have to either use Azure Web Role or Azure VM

Hope this helps