• Today I have to troubleshoot application hosted at Azure Web App
  • I am receiving error “Internal server error” for the functionality which we are testing
  • For Azure Web App we have less control as we don’t get Remote desktop for the same
  • So we will see how to troubleshoot Azure Web App with Kudu


  • In manage azure portal please open your Azure Web App >> Then go to Configure Section as follow

  • We need to set application diagnostics and site diagnostics settings as follows
  • Please make sure you set Detailed error message as follows

  • After that save the settings
  • Now we have to analyse the logs for that purpose we need to use Kudu which is analysis and troubleshooting tools for Azure Web Apps
  • Kudu is useful to capture and review memory dumps, deployment logs and detailed error message
  • To use Kudu we need to browse following Web App
  • To access your KUDU console, using your DEPLOYMENT credentials, then browse to we will see following Web App


  • In above you can review lot of logs for your application however to diagnose the issues we need to go to Tools >> Diagnostic dump
  • This will provide you the zip file
  • From the zip file browse the LogFiles >> DetailedErrors to review and troubleshoot errors
  • If you don’t have manage azure credentials then you can also review log from your FTP folder in logs folder

Hope this helps