Just attended Microsoft DevCamp: Azure Essentials on 28 Jan 2015. It was awesome event to get advance Azure details from Microsoft experts
We have drafted the pointers which could be helpful to understand keep up to date with terms related to Azure

  • We opt Cloud for following chief reasons
  1. Speed
  2. Scalability
  3. Economy
  • Azure is Operating System with Fabric Controller
  • To understand azure security we need to refer “Microsoft Azure Trust Centre”
  • Availability sets for VM act as Load balancer
  • Azure Tables are NoSql database
  • Storage account has following important concepts
  • Partition Keys
  • Row Keys
  • Timestamps
  • Scalability has two types
  • Vertical Scalability
  • For e.g. we can increase the RAM of machine from 8 GB to 16 GB
  • It has limitation because the machine will support up to certain limit to increase in respective component
  • Horizontal Scalability
  • Azure support Horizontal Scalability
  • For e.g. we can add multiple machine of 8 GB RAM. There is no limit for the same
  • For Azure Tables we have one partition per server
  • Partitions are vital to fetch data along with performance consideration
  • We can Azure Storage with following types
  • LRS – Locally redundant storage
  • ZRS – Zone redundant storage
  • GRS – Geo Redundant storage
  • RA – GRS – Read access Geo redundant storage
  • LRS is cost effective option for development environment
  • DocumentDB is JSON storage file system database
  • Azure Files are required to created Shared location in Cloud
  • For e.g. we can create Shared Location between two VM’s
  • We can use HDInsight for Hadoop if the data is in TB or more
  • We can achieve caching in Azure with Azure Redis Cache
  • Azure Search feature allows option to search from Persistent storage for filtered data
  • Service Bus
  • Queues – It has following options to process the message
  • Receive and Delete
  • PeekLock – which wait for 3 events
  • Topics – We can send multiple messages depending upon filter and conditions
  • We use Subscription to achieve the same
  • Event Hubs – Log data from multiple sources
  • Hybrid Connection is the fastest way to expose on premises apps to cloud
  • Remote App is used to create remote desktop across the platforms

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