Loud with Cloud – Microsoft Azure – Part 1

This will be multi part series for Loud with Cloud regarding Microsoft Azure

In this article we will discuss traits about Microsoft Azure Service which will help to take better decisions in terms of adopting Microsoft Azure for Enterprise

  • We will primarily focus on What is Microsoft Azure in this article
  • Prime objective is to provide pointers regarding Azure

What ?

  • Microsoft Azure can be defined as a cloud computing platform and infrastructure for creating, deploying and maintaining applications and services through Microsoft managed Datacenters. It provides services like PaaS, SaaS, IaaS and support different programming languages, tools, frameworks including Microsoft and third-party software and systems for development.
  • Lets visualize different Cloud Models as follows

Cloud Model

  • In the traditional On Premises model where the entire infrastructure is located on-premises, you have full responsibility for managing updates to operating systems, applications, network devices (routers, switches, etc.) and hardware (firmware).
  • In an IaaS scenario, you still have to manage updates for operating systems and applications; however, the entire infrastructure, operating systems and applications is managed by Microsoft. In all these models, customers are still owners of their data and are still responsible for protecting it at the end point level.
  • In a PaaS scenario, you will have even less responsibility for software updates, as update management for the operating system is Microsoft’s responsibility.
  • In a SaaS scenario, the responsibility for software updates for the entire stack is managed by Microsoft.

Azure Services

  • Currently Azure provides following services


So we have discussed What are different pointers for Microsoft Azuer

Reference : https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/infographics/azure/

In next article we will discuss each service in details with use cases

Hope this helps

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  1. Its really helpful for the users who are new to Azure … Keep up this good work going … cheers 🙂

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